Huracan Renato Aero Program Showcase
  • The stigma always existing of aftermarket versus OEM, how the product was designed and superfluous additions without merit.

    But what happens when you bring OEM into an aftermarket environment?

  • 1016 Industries melds and employs the same industry experts that design, test, develop and manufacture the products you see on the showroom floor.

    and those concepts and designs and ideas you will see on the showroom floor five years from now.

  • To deliver a product is simple, to deliver a well calibrated result requires a precise understanding of the goal and the process to get there. A combination of engineering, imagineering and disciplined motions ensure that the right steps are made to enhance the experience of the individual customer into a world they call their own.

  • The goal is simple: Defy expectation and deliver the unimagined. Produce results that flare the eyes, excite the skin and serenade the soul.

  • As with every company there must be a start, a target, and learning curve. As each new program begins, it brings with it new understanding, new process, new refinement and enhanced abilities. Technology is used to amplify and verify, not replace, what the hands and the mind can produce. The calculations to perfectly orchestrate the passion behind the result.
  • The Lamborghini Huracan symbolizes a rebirth of the way a supercar is seen. It is exotic but refined, raw but controlled, it is a car that is as comfortable transporting you in a black tie or terrifying you in a fireproof suit. This symbolized rebirth encapsulates the 1016 Industries Renato Program. The rebirth of expectation.

    Drawing on a exceptional platform, longing eyes formed imagined curves. Pencil to paper, paper to sculpture, sculpture to analyzed production.



    The Renato sideskirts feature a profile that direction flow along the side profile of the car and features a rear duct that directs air towards the rear wheel wells for additional cooling and performance.


    The Renato front lip features extended front side and middle splitters to create further downforce and aero function. Furthermore the exterior flippers on the front lip are design to keep air close to the front of the car as it passes towards the front wheel arches. This ensures air is fed into the front brake systems.


    The Renato rear diffuser features an exentsively re-design profile based upon turbulent flow analysis of the factory piece. The profile features more robust and angled areas around the exhaust tips and side of the car. Larger diffuser tabs at the bottom and modified profile from the underside of the body ensures an enhanced and improved air profile of the rear of the car.