For most owners, the level of power and torque, exerted by the V12 engine of the Lamborghini Aventador is more than enough. But, for some, the additional punch is what they crave for. Hence, the 1016 Industries ECU Tune for the Aventador was engineered to meet the high-stress environment of this application.

Combining extensive experience and know-how, together with premium and advanced engine management tools, allowed us to create a solution that yields power and torque gains, but retains the longevity of the V12 engine as well. In turn, the additional horsepower and torque allow for faster acceleration, smoother downshifts and improved road & race track performance.

The 1016 Industries ECU tune for the Aventador is available at an authorized network of dealerships worldwide. Our dealers, well-trained in their craft and experienced in the world of ECU tuning, will help you seamlessly install the tune and easily transition into the world of advanced performance.

Performance Increases

Thanks to highly advanced ECU management, the 1016 Industries ECU tune gives the Aventador’s V12 engine a boost in both horsepower and torque, awarding improved overall performance. Thanks to gearbox software management, we are able to shave off precious time from gear changes, giving you an impressive throttle response and speed.

The 1016 Industries ECU tune for the Lamborghini Aventador yields an increase of +41 horsepower and +50 lb-ft of torque. Additional horsepower and torque gains are available with our STAGE 2 and STAGE 3 tuning – alongside specialized performance parts – custom exhaust system, intake and other items.


Stock Aventador - 700 Horsepower
1016 Industries ECU Tune - 741 Horsepower
Stock Aventador - 510 LB-FT Torque
1016 Industries ECU Tune - 560 LB-FT Torque


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