With the introduction of the Sport Series, McLaren entered into an important group of competition and into an arena that is both competitive and demanding. Drawing on language from previous models, the sport series offered a softer level of traditional race heritage. Carefully thought out technology is subtly hidden into the presence of the vehicle architecture. With the start of the ignition, the immediate purpose becomes clear: Be fast, be efficient and be relentless.

With every model, certain features are compromised in the pursuit of commercial success, a separation between the enthusiast and the masses. The challenge then becomes to create the edge that every enthusiastic is looking for, to find those aspects that widen the eyes and raise the heartbeat.

The full program as released will include the following products:

  • Replacement front aero blades
  • Replacement front aero chin
  • Replacement front and rear side blades
  • Fully height and pitch adjustable rear wing
  • Functional and closed front aero hood
  • Additional Intelligent Engine control module
  • Additional adjustable throttle management
  • Additional Transmission and Driveline management

From the onset of the investigation, it became very clear that certain aspects needed to be addressed: Design, sound, and speed. The sport series is by far the most curvaceous model to be introduced, lacking angular attitude and aggression. Without a sport exhaust, the car hardly speaks to the driver and tone is muted by mechanical noise. While the power is nothing short of spectacular, it still lacks the force and agility to raise the hair on the back of the neck and bring sweat to the brow.

1016 Industries McLaren Sport Series Tuning Program Wallpaper

To accomplish this, a careful study of the car, the owner feedback and the heritage of racing models brought the both ideas, deficiencies, and strengths of this new platform.

The short wheelbase and immediate torque yielded understated downforce and a challenge to plant the car to the ground at its limits. To combat this both the front and rear axles needed to be pushed harder and more efficiently to the pavement. The rear wing structure of the sport series is both aggressive and functioning, not a superfluous effort in design for the sake of design. 8 levels of height adjustment and 5 fixed angles mean that your environment can never outmatch your design. Whether limited to downforce or drag, the sport series rear spoiler provides the peace of mind that every situation is controlled. The front spoilers and aero blades are extended and exaggerated, providing more frontal load to the axle and encouraging the nose to dive into each corner and plant the radius earlier and with more force.

1016 Industries McLaren Sport Series Tuning Program Wallpaper

Performance wise, our engineers have had a long relationship with McLaren and carefully watched the various upgrades, tweaks, and tricks implemented to improve and deliver enduring performance. In an effort to provide both a safe, sustainable, and dealer safe upgrade to the entire Mclaren platform, 1016 Industries has developed and tested intelligent management systems that can be installed within a short period of time that hold hundreds of powerful changes, constantly adjusting and working with the vehicle environment to provide the most efficient production of power available. Coupled with a separate specifically calibrated transmission and driveline management system, power is more accurately, more efficiently and more forcefully brought to the ground.

1016 Industries McLaren Sport Series Tuning Program Wallpaper

On the engine side, incremental increases in boost, timing, backpressure, fuel management yield raw horsepower and torque performance gains of 50-60 horsepower at the wheels and 70-80 ft lbs of torque (Fuel and atmosphere dependent for knock limitations). Custom bench flash calibrations are also available for external modifications, race files, and other specific requests. The transmission recalibration program shaves precious seconds off performance through carefully re-imaged torque schedules, gearshift points, gearshift speeds and most importantly intuitive intelligence between the engine and throttle mechanisms. All power upgrades have an optional adjustable feature on the fly via a carefully crafted App that allows users to fully disengage performance mods or make motorsport adjustments to independently. All items are dealer safe alternatives and can easily be uninstalled at any time. An optional engine warranty program can be purchased as a separate item (with limitations and conditions) for additional peace of mind.


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