This latest build comes from Antelope Ban – our authorized dealership in Indonesia. The tuner is well-known for high-quality builds, catering to the most exclusive customers in the region. For this Arancio Borealis Lamborghini Huracán, the customer focused on enhancing the visual silhouette, providing a more aggressive and unique look. This transformation was accomplished through our base 1016 Industries aero kit and a set of color-coded HRE Wheels. The end result: A staggeringly transformed Huracán.

Our base Renato aero kit consists of a front lip, side skirts, a rear aero diffuser and a rear wing kit with upper blade and lower mounting piece. All the parts are made from high-quality, US-made pre-preg carbon fiber available in standard 2×2 6K fabric or optional custom finishes. All parts are designed, engineered and built in-house providing supreme quality, fitment, and strength. The efforts of the development and manufacturing process yield the most advanced solution for this vehicle. The carbon fiber added creates both an appealing and aggressive look to the exterior while also providing maximized functional performance.

Furthermore, for owners that require more power from their Lamborghini Huracán, we offer a unique ECU and TCU tuning solution that upgrades the power and torque levels to 640 horsepower and 448lb-ft of torque, while also improving throttle response, gearshift speed, traction management and other driveline communications. The resulting solution achieves the most complete and powerful upgrade to an already outstanding platform, allowing the user to be more connected and controlled in their driving experience.

The final visual improvements come thanks to a complementary set of staggered  20/21 HRE P201 lightweight forged wheels custom color coded to match the exterior of the vehicle.


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